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UPDATE: We’ve received information that Palutena is, indeed, a retail exclusive for Amazon. A placeholder page on Amazon is available here. It is not currently available for purchase, but check back at a later date to buy the amiibo. We’ll keep you posted with the latest information about ordering.

We apologize for the information provided earlier!

REPORT: According to a reliable source within the community, a Nintendo representative has confirmed that the Palutena amiibo will not be a retailer exclusive, as many amiibo collectors have speculated and feared. Unlike Dark Pit, which is exclusive to Best Buy stores, Palutena will be available at all major retailers. The release date of Dark Pit was already confirmed for July 31st, and it appears as though Palutena will be released that very same day as well.

There were some interesting words when describing the release of Palutena as well, as a comparison to Silver Mario was made. The context of the comparison wasn’t clear, as it could either mean the amiibo will be sold everywhere despite long-running rumors of a retailer exclusive, or possibly that the amiibo could more common on release day than collectors believe. Either way, now is the time to start formulating your hunting plans for the last day of July.

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  1. Tim says:

    Prepare yourselfs July 31st.

    Amiibogeddon is among us…Except with two amiibos..

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  2. Professor Oak says:

    Going to Local Bestbuy 2 hours prior to opening, hopefully they will have both.

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    • DariusQ says:

      Bring a chair and go sooner. I went to TRU for Wave 4 launch 3hrs in advance (this was inside a mall, earliest I could go) and still ended up #18 in line. Both Lucina & Robin had only qty.6 each. 🙁

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      • Professor Oak says:

        I was number 4 in line at my Target 20 minutes b4 opening for Jiggly and Lucina and got both. Not worried.

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    • Evan Pierce says:

      Palutena is apparently Amazon exclusive (if you hadn’t heard yet) and is actually coming out tomorrow at 2 PM Pacific Time.

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  3. Furydeath says:

    “all major retailers” aka 5 stores

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  4. DariusQ says:

    Hopefully this is true. It would be weird to have such a niche character get such high production but demand is definitely out there.

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  5. Cheatster9000x says:

    Dark Pit comes out July 31st? How come I already found one at my local Smyths?

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  6. TheFunny Nerd says:

    I guess Thursday night servers will crash when 11:59pm hits? Definitely hope not, and one can only hope for a nice plentiful supply as well. Online exclusives aren’t bad except for the shipping charges. It’s an additional cost for the consumers that wouldn’t exist if the product could just be acquired at a brick and mortar store.

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  7. It took them half a day just to get e-mail sign-ups working. Not a good indicator of things to come.

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