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As mentioned in Episode 15 of the Amiibo Newscast, the team is excited to hear your opinion about where you would like to see the future of the newscast go. The cast has primarily focused on amiibo since its beginning (for good reason!), but with the transition into the ‘Age of Nintendo Inquirer’, we’ve been more inclined to include other areas of Nintendo related content within the topics covered in episodes.

So, in your opinion, would you mind receiving a wider range of Nintendo topics in the Amiibo Newscast? Do you feel that including information about Wii U and 3DS games will be helpful and fun alongside the latest amiibo talk? Other informational tidbits, like talk about the latest Nintendo themed accessories and new developments within the gaming industry, would also be included.

We’d really love to get your feedback about this. Just like we always stress, our team wants to cater to you, the driving force behind Nintendo’s popularity and success. You are the voice of the gaming world, and it’s important to us that we work together with you to make everything about Nintendo Inquirer and Amiibo News fitting, exciting and informational.

Give us your thoughts by leaving a comment below! We’re really excited to discuss the future of the newscast with you.

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  1. Forrest says:

    I think speaking about upcoming games and hopes for them would help and maybe a glimpse into how each region of not only the U.S. but the world is finding luck via guests from around the world or country. I wish I would have been able to jump on to the team earlier and contribute out here from AZ. I have ideas about how to make the video podcast better as a film student

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  2. Alex Shahtout says:

    I’d like AmiiboUCG, Custom_Amiibo, and Jared on the newscast.

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  3. Malik Emrys says:

    I listen to many podcasts now. One talks on occasion about games of the past. Of course not every Nintendo fan has played every game. Maybe a section of games you played and what you thought about them. Any time period. Even games that nobody played that maybe you did. Good, bad, 1 player, multi player, every angle of the gaming community.

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  4. I like listening to a podcast that’s just about Amiibos, with a little personality and occasional off-topic forays. I think you guys have struck the perfect balance.

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  5. Jonathan Mason says:

    I would like to see the views of the amiibo craze from different kind of collectors. The normal consumer and the younger audiences.

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  6. Oma Desala says:

    How about you take a member or 2 from the Amiibo news and move them to other sections? I’m not sure how many are all dedicated to it, but we can only get so much info, and it seems the info that everyone gets is from Redit as well as directly from retailers and Nintendo Directs.

    There are lot of sources that tell info, but it would nice to have a summary of everything, w/o repeating it all, be available on all things Nintendo.

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  7. Nick b says:

    I believe you guys are at a crossroads and now is a great time to start the newscast with amiibo, but yes… Branch off into discussions about what is hot on NinInq. Maybe a brief segment reminding listeners of release dates. I think you have a greasy opportunity and platform here to stay Amiibo-centric while highlighting some Nintendo fandom.

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  8. Johnny Croutons says:

    Well, like you said, some weeks are going to be pretty slow sometimes and instead of just having a shorter or possibly “boring” episode, I would totally enjoy hearing you guys chat about other Nintendo related topics.

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  9. Matt Jordan says:

    I am always going to be in favor of you guys talking about anything Nintendo. Of course I’d like amiibo to be the main topic, but like you have said, if the amiibo news is scarce, I wouldn’t mind hearing about other Nintendo news.

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  10. Ben Gassel says:

    To be 100% honest, I would really rather have just an amiibo newscast, where you mostly only talk about amiibo. Maybe you could also have a Nintendo Inq Newscast.

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  11. TheFunny Nerd says:

    Excellent idea, and a diversified podcast would be very welcomed. I also have a podcast of my own, and know how it can be slightly laborious to come up with fun, dynamic topics, that are both entertaining, and informative. There is a great deal more to Nintendo than just Amiibos, and most fans and enthusiasts would probably like to be in the loop about most things Nintendo, and upcoming news. I believe you guys do a great job, the Podcasts are always very professional (quality wise), fun and informative. That’s my two cents. 🙂

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