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After nearly two months of speculation, Best Buy confirmed today that Dark Pit will be exclusive to its stores when the amiibo releases on Friday, July 31st.

And that’s not even the huge news today!

Best Buy has listened to customer complaints and it came up with yet another new system that helps as many amiibo fans as possible get their hands on Dark Pit.




You won’t be able to pre-order this amiibo. It will only be available in stores on a first come, first serve basis, and each customer will be limited to one figure. While many collectors might become upset because obtaining the amiibo will be more difficult due to their personal/work schedules, this plan, overall, at least demonstrates that major retailers are doing everything in their power to be fair.

Best Buy can’t do anything about the stock issues. And we already know what happens when retailers set up specific times for pre-orders to go live online. So maybe trying this old-fashioned approach will become a helpful norm. We’ll have to wait and see.

Are you happy with this move? Is this the system you’ve been hoping for (until Nintendo can fix the stock issues)? Let us know!

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