Dark Pit coming exclusively to Best Buy with no pre-orders | Nintendo Wire

After nearly two months of speculation, Best Buy confirmed today that Dark Pit will be exclusive to its stores when the amiibo releases on Friday, July 31st.

And that’s not even the huge news today!

Best Buy has listened to customer complaints and it came up with yet another new system that helps as many amiibo fans as possible get their hands on Dark Pit.


You won’t be able to pre-order this amiibo. It will only be available in stores on a first come, first serve basis, and each customer will be limited to one figure. While many collectors might become upset because obtaining the amiibo will be more difficult due to their personal/work schedules, this plan, overall, at least demonstrates that major retailers are doing everything in their power to be fair.

Best Buy can’t do anything about the stock issues. And we already know what happens when retailers set up specific times for pre-orders to go live online. So maybe trying this old-fashioned approach will become a helpful norm. We’ll have to wait and see.

Are you happy with this move? Is this the system you’ve been hoping for (until Nintendo can fix the stock issues)? Let us know!

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  1. Ninamu says:

    So how early before store opening should I be there if I want to get one do you figure?

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    • Junebug says:

      exactly at 10

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    • J.J. Chrizzles says:

      Well… maybe it depends where you live.
      When Rosalina came out I got to target at around 6AM. Some guys had been there since 4. But this was when people were just realizing how rare certain amiibo were going to be. I was 8th in line and the guy in front of me got the last one.

      With the last wave, I went to target as soon as I got off work to get Lucina, Robin, Jigglypuff, Silver Mario, and Charizard. At 2AM. Keep in mind that Target opens at 8. There was a group of guys that had been there since 10PM Thursday night. I was 7th or 8th, I can’t remember. By the time 8AM came around the line had grown to about 30 give or take.
      Some people were waiting outside at the GS, BB, and ToysRus nearby as well.

      So depending on where you’re at, I’d say be prepared to camp out.

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      • Brandon Cortez says:

        Wow, damn, no lifers, sorry, I have every single one, but damn, that is awful to get there 10pm the night before, damn… :

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        • J.J. Chrizzles says:

          Yeah I saw these guys when I pulled in to the lot with a table playing yugioh and I’m like aww helllll no.
          As far as the currently available NA Amiibo lineup, I have one of each with the exception of Little Mac, Villager, Marth, Lucina, Robin, and Greninja. Pit and Wii Fit Trainer I bought from Japan.
          I actually use them, but what I really want is a giant glass case like the kind museum pieces are displayed in. Or something like what jewelry is displayed in.

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          • Brandon Cortez says:

            I have seen people using the bat displays from Micheal’s. Other wise, might have to go to Hobby Lobby to check also

      • C J Hi Y'all says:

        I got to my target at 7:50 AM for Rosalina. I was the second in line and purchased two rosalina
        One E-bay one personal

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  2. DariusQ says:

    Hopefully this release will go much smoother than Meta-Knight. When TRU recently released Greninja they had significantly more stock available (+150 units per store) at launch to help meet customer demand. One can only hope BB will match this with Dark Pit.

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  3. Junebug says:

    Yes im very happy now.Been missing preorders online who has time to sit at computer all refreshing f5 all day. Now if palutena would do the same

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  4. Durge says:

    Best Buy had 1 Robin and 1 Lucina. They better have a shit ton more than that of Dark Pit.

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  5. (I’m not in this boat but it’s) So nice of them to reward people who don’t have a Best Buy within driving distance with ZERO alternative options.

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