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The largest online retailer in the world has finally broken its embargo on Nintendo systems. Customers can now purchase the New Nintendo 3DS from, which makes this the first time they’ve been able to purchase any kind of Nintendo hardware directly from Amazon since 2011.

The bizarre situation began when Amazon pulled the 3DS from availability, citing reports that there may have been some kind of problem with its own stock. When the item never made its way back to the retailer’s pages, it became clear that there was something screwy going on. While the situation was acknowledged by both sides, even by Nintendo’s own Reggie Fils-Aimé, an official explanation was never offered.

Explained or not, the fact was that while Nintendo systems would still be available from third-party merchants, Amazon itself would not be selling 3DS or Wii U systems for four years. Fortunately, whatever dispute between the two companies was keeping Amazon from selling Nintendo hardware seems to have been settled.

For those of you without a 3DS: First of all, how could you?! But more importantly, you can now order from the comfort of your own home without any hoopla.

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Written by Kellen McIntyre