A few more GameStop tipsters have reached out to Amiibo News to share their stores’ inventory numbers for Wave 4 on launch day.


The good news is that Silver Mario looks like it will be in good supply at GameStop locations at launch. Each of the four employees who have contacted us have confirmed that they will be receiving over ten Silver Mario amiibo per location. Sadly, that’s where the good news stops. See below for a full breakdown.

Ness: 2-4  per location
Lucina and Robin: between 1-2 per location
Charizard and Wario: 2 per location
Pac-Man: 4 per location
Splatoon 3 Pack: 2-4 per location

These numbers were consistent with all locations we’ve heard from so far.

More details will be posted as we get them.

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Written by Jared Rutledge


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  1. GoldenTriforce says:

    So are those 4 Splatoon 3 Packs, 4 Inkling Boys, and 4 Inkling Girls just preorders, or will some be up for purchase, because I am going to try to get into my gamestop the second it opens on the 29th and pick up a 3-Pack or an inkling boy Splatoon amiibo. Related question, how much does the 3-pack cost?

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  2. RubberYen says:

    Oof, those are some really abysmal numbers, especially Ness.

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