Nintendo President Satoru Iwata skipping E3 for the second year in a row | Nintendo Wire

In an interview with IGN, a Nintendo spokesperson has confirmed that Nintendo President Satoru Iwata will not be attending this year’s E3 conference in Los Angeles. This marks the second year in a row that Mr. Iwata has missed the flagship gaming conference.

In the statement, the company said:

“Nintendo’s focus for E3 this year will be showcasing the many games we have coming for both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. Mr. Miyamoto and other members of our development team will be in Los Angeles to explain these games and the unique experiences that each offers. Mr. Iwata’s focus in this period will be on other areas of our business that require his presence in Japan.”

The company did state, however, that Mr. Iwata would be in “constant contact” with the team in L.A. throughout the event.

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Written by Jason Ganos

Nintendo super fan since birth, Jason is the creator of Amiibo News and editor-in-chief at Nintendo Wire. One of his life goals is to provide the latest Nintendo news to fellow gamers with his natural know-how.


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  1. Trainiax says:

    Wait, I thought Miyamoto was president?

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  2. ericwithcheese says:

    With Nintendo not doing a live stage show again, there really is no reason for him to be there. If he is having health concerns like last year, it would be that much more foolish for him to make the trip. But with Reggie and Miyamoto there, that is more than enough “Big Wigs” for E3.

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