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Supposed details regarding Wave 4 stock at Target locations surfaced online this morning via r/amiibo. Reddit user and Target Employee (redacted) was able to locate inventory numbers for Wave 4 amiibo, including Jigglypuff and Silver Mario. Thankfully, Jigglypuff and Silver Mario appear to be in good supply. (Redacted) writes:

Good morning amiibos, I’m currently at work and noticed the numbers for the wave 4 on order are available of you have the store number I can search for you the specific Amiibo desired.

Bare in mind I’m using my phone to post here and I’m working so could take some time to respond. I won’t be able to respond to every request but I’ll do my best.

These numbers are simply on order so as long as there are no issue with delivery they should hold firm.

My store is showing 24 jiggly, 4 robin, 4 lucina. 12 silver marios. (Store number removed) 12 pacman 8 charizard and wario. 4 of every splatoon.

This information has not been officially confirmed but appears to be credible. A direct link to the r/amiibo thread can be found here.

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Written by Jason Ganos

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