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Reddit user and Best Buy employee (REMOVED) located stock numbers for Wave 4 amiibo in his state on r/amiibo this afternoon. The numbers were smaller than many had originally hoped.

From the post:

Hey guys decided to check the current wave 4 stock that is “on order” for my store and every other in the state i live in. Here is the projected stock numbers.

(Lucina-2) (Robin-2) (Wario-3) (Pacman-6) (Charizard-6) (Splatoon 3-pack-5) (Inkling girl-3) (Inkling boy-3)

These numbers were exact for every store in my state, with almost no variances in stock numbers. Keep in mind these numbers may change, but it is highly unlikely. This is a pretty good indication of what to expect on the shelves on release day. If you have any questions please post here and ill try to answer in a timely fashion.

So far, this information is unconfirmed, however, it’s very likely true based on Frostwynd‘s track record. We’ll share more information as we receive it.

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