Pokémon Sweet Support plushies have arrived!

Author: Roberto Diaz
Categories: Merchandise, News

The Pokémon Center has revealed four new plushies, all destined to pull at your heartstrings! The new line, named Sweet Support, are all two-in-one featuring a Pokémon and the baby Pokémon in their evolution line.    Who’s included Sweet Support plush collection?   Each plushie has the evolved version comforting…

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First 4 Figures’ Sheikah Slate Statue Unveiled

Categories: News, Merchandise, Switch

Update: First4Figures has uploaded three new pictures showing a non-shadow view of the statue. Pre-orders will go live on February 20th. SHEIKAH SLATE PREORDERS OPEN IN 6 DAYS! The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild – Sheikah Slate statue is a life-size, high-quality, resin collectible. Get $10 off: https://t.co/9eL0WoAUaj…

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