Cyber Monday 2023 | Best Nintendo Deals

Author: Jason Ganos
Categories: Guides, News, Switch

It’s Cyber Monday! That means retailers around the USA are putting deep discounts on select Nintendo Switch games, consoles, and accessories!  Check out some of our favorites below.   Disclaimer: Nintendo Wire is a Best Buy, Amazon, and Play-Asia Affiliate and may receive commission when you purchase a product using…

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Pokémon GO November 2023 Community Day Classic Guide

Categories: Guides, Mobile

Pokémon GO’s long-running monthly event, Community Day, turned 5 years old in 2023. Five years means a plethora of Pokémon have been shown off with special, event-exclusive attacks and increased Shiny rates. Yet, for newer Trainers, chances are they’ve missed out on most of these gatherings. In January 2022 (during…

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Guide – Nintendo Easter Eggs in Super Mario RPG

Author: Ricky Berg
Categories: Guides, Switch

Super Mario RPG might be best remembered for bringing together Square Enix and the Mushroom Kingdom, but those aren’t the only games you’ll find. Plenty more Nintendo characters and cameos can be found throughout this Legend of the Seven Stars, along with other callbacks and nods to both of its…

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