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It’s 2024, countries worldwide are seeing a surge in amiibo restocks, but the distribution appears oddly sporadic. Some countries experience massive restocks across the board, while here in the US, the situation is a bit more chaotic. With that in mind, here is a comprehensive roundup of every restock and deal found from retailers both in the US and around the globe.

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Amiibo Deal of the Day

Sora amiibo- $15.99

Guardian amiibo – $19.99

Reprint confirmed! Coming March 8th.

Wolf Link amiibo – $15.99

Reprint confirmed! Coming March 8th

Sheik amiibo – $15.99

Reprint Confirmed. Coming March 8th

Rosalina amiibo (SMB series) – $25.99

EU version. It’s been a while since this one has been under $30.

Import Deal of the Day

  • Pac Man amiibo – $19.99
  • Charizard – $18.99
  • Cpt. Falcon – $20.99
  • Boo – $29.99

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US amiibo deals and reprints

Joker amiibo $15.99

Banjo amiibo – $15.99

Terry amiibo – $15.99

Shulk amiibo $15.99

More amiibo available at Best Buy:

More amiibo available at Target


Import amiibo deals

Play-Asia (Save with code NWIRE23 at checkout.)

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