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Have you ever wanted to play 3DS games on a big screen with blown-up resolution, no 3D, and no portability? Maybe not? Well, Twitter user @SWIMMIN has made it happen anyway, with a rejiggered homebrew dev/capture kit that outputs the console to two monitors.



The games actually look pretty nice on the big screen, magnifying the image by 300% to fit the 720p output without actually using filters or any special hardware to “improve” the resolution. SWIMMIN tried to output the 3D screen to an actual 3D TV, but couldn’t quite get it to work properly. He details the particulars in another tweet, where he’s also blunt about how “Yes, this is stupid”:



It may not be the way any of us imagine playing the 3DS, but I can’t deny the thought of playing a game like Fire Emblem: Awakening or Ever Oasis this way is enticing. We’ll see if any application of this sort ever becomes retail or otherwise available to the masses.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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