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Puma hooked up the Nintendo Wire team with a really fantastic pair of their new Animal Crossing-themed Wild Rider Sneakers that just released last month — and we couldn’t be more excited about their arrival! From top to bottom, the shoes are a work of art that celebrate a series we love to our core. Their creamy, natural pastels reflect the aesthetic and feel within New Horizons just perfectly; even the soft fabric used gives off the cozy vibe found in the game. Beyond the the overall look are the intricate details woven into every inch of each shoe, with our personal favorite being the Bells Bag that comes attached to the right shoe. The touch adds a pinch of charm that really elevates the sneakers to a higher level of cute-chic.

Down below you’ll find our photo gallery with the pair of Wild Rider Sneakers that Puma provided us. Unfortunately, this exact pair in the adult sizes is sold out in the Animal Crossing collection, but plenty of other options are available with both apparel and footwear.





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Written by Lauren Ganos
Creative Director, Managing Editor

Designer and writer by day, gamer by night, Lauren dreams big when it comes to creative endeavors. Perhaps that's why she's taken on the roles of creative director and managing editor for Nintendo Wire. If she had a video game superhero alias, it might just be The Visionary, a true keeper of imaginative order.