Review: Pocket Card Jockey

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Solitaire and horse racing are two concepts one normally wouldn’t associate with one other. At first, it sounds like an imperfect pair: peanut butter and cement mix; peaches and bleach; Paper Mario and stickers. However, with Pocket Card Jockey, Pokémon developer Game Freak has once again proven that sometimes the…

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Review: Star Fox Guard

Author: Ricky Berg
Categories: News, Reviews, Wii U

When Shigeru Miyamoto revealed Project Guard at E3 2014, I wasn’t impressed. The title seemed gimmicky and uninteresting, and while I trust the man behind it there are never guarantees when it comes to games. I forgot about it over time: another bad sign in terms of what it could…

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Review: Final Fantasy Explorers

Categories: 3DS, Reviews

As the most recent co-op experiment in the Final Fantasy universe, Final Fantasy Explorers combines a hefty dose of series nostalgia with a borrowed multiplayer mission structure to a surprisingly fresh effect. While it’s exceedingly light on story, and inarguably repetitive, Explorers’ take on cooperative questing still makes for a…

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