Bayonetta 3 ‘exists’ and is ‘progressing well’ according to Nintendo of America executives in GameSpot interview

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E3 2021 is over now, yet the inevitable questions of “why wasn’t [insert game title]” shown still linger. In Nintendo’s E3 2021 Direct, Metroid Prime 4 was mentioned – “Currently, we’re working hard on the latest game in the Metroid Prime series, Metroid Prime 4, which we previously announced.” –…

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The Nintendo Switch became real on this day four years ago

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You may have read that headline and thought: “Hold up Nintendo Wire, you crazy Bokoblins, time may be irrelevant since 2020, but I know the Switch’s anniversary isn’t for another two months!” And you’d be absolutely correct! The Switch itself doesn’t turn four until March. What I’m referring to, however,…

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